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Over the years, jewellery styles change and certain pieces succumb to being over loved and under worn.

Raphael Jewellers are experts in remodeling existing pieces of jewellery, which are neglected in the abyss, to create new designs more in line with current trends, whilst simultaneously considering the timeless elements which make the Raphael difference. The transformation from dated designs into new personalized pieces is incredible. As custom design is their main specialty, they have worked with many clients over the years to enhance, remodel and recreate old jewellery into exceptional new pieces to reflect an individual’s personality and lifestyle. Many clients are unsure whether their pieces are even worth the effort of remodeling but the team at Raphael will be able to professionally assess your pieces and advise accordingly. Their in-house designers and master craftsmen can transform and reinvent an outdated piece of jewellery or a few pieces for that matter, into more modern, beautiful creations.


Raphael Jewellers offer a range of jewelley repair services.

Their in-store master craftsmen can expertly repair and restore your special jewellery piece including: resizing rings, re-tipping claws, repairing broken chains and clasps, replacing missing stones, restringing pearls, polishing and cleaning to bring a new lease of life to your old jewellery.

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